Brett A. Schmidt


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Brett A. Schmidt, born in Houston, Texas, in 1979, began drawing at a young age. He first studied art at the University of Houston, Clear Lake Campus; through the youth program he began to advance his drawing, painting and sculpting skills. Having discovered his sister’s comic book collection in his teens, Schmidt began to draw inspiration from the sequential art of Sam Keith, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, and Marc Silvestri. While studying painting in his high school art classes Schmidt began exploring the themes of myth and legend, as well as taking a closer look at the Old Masters, Sandro Botticelli and Henri Matisse. The summers leading up to art school were less restrained as he drew his swords and sorcery comic, Claws of Destiny.  

Schmidt received his BFA in Computer Animation in 2002, at the Ringling College of Art and Design. After graduation Schmidt moved to New York City in hopes of finding a digital studio job. In New York City Schmidt began noticing the eye catching, comic book infused visuals created by Stephen Bliss to promote Rockstar Games latests releases. These posters were a constant reminder for Schmidt to keep striving for and improving on his own vector based illustration skills. Though discouraged in his job search, Schmidt used his finely honed skills to create and produce Demon Pack, his own line of t-shirts.

In 2007, the Eagle NYC, took notice of their patrons wearing early runs of Demon Pack shirts and commissioned Schmidt to produce custom t-shirt designs for their leather bar. Schmidt’s t-shirt designs were such a success that his role with the Eagle NYC expanded, producing artwork and designs for many of their events throughout the year for a wide variety of publications and online media. He also joined the Manskins crew to sell their unique leather gear, official Eagle NYC merchandise, and his original artwork at Mid Atlantic Leather and International Mr. Leather starting in 2013. The experience of being present at leather shows and listening to people define their fetish enhanced his understanding of who is buying his art. He now draws with a better understanding of important details and acknowledging the power of accurately depicting inner desires.

As well as creating Demon Pack designs and working on projects for the Eagle NYC, Schmidt also creates custom animated visuals for the live shows of recording artists Plumb and Marc Vedo. Schmidt is a regular contributor to Harmonious Discord Recordings producing animated music videos. Animated loops appear at various festivals as Schmidt’s computer animated clips have been sold and shared in the VJ community all over the world.  

Brett currently divides his time among Eagle NYC projects, developing future comic book concepts, commissions, freelance design and animation.